Monday, June 30, 2008

Dr. G.D. Agrawal's Fast Successful

Today, June 30, 2008 Dr G.D. Agrawal received a letter from the Government of India stating "The Government of India commits itself to ensuring perennial environmental flows throughout the Bhagirathi river." It has also decided to establish a high-level experts committee to recommend how this will be done. The committee will submit its report in three months.

This offer of the GoI has been accepted by Dr G.D. Agrawal. He will break his fast at 7 pm today at Maharana Pratap Bhawan, Lawrence Road, B-4 Block Keshavpuram, New Delhi.

For further details contact:
Dr Ravi Chopra 09411135976
Dr Anil Gautam 09412176896
Mr Pavitra Singh 09410706109


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