Saturday, June 21, 2008

GD's letter to CM (Uttarakhand)

Sender: Place of Fast
Dr. Gurudas Agrawal Manikarnika Ghat, Uttarkashi June 17, 2008
Honorable Bhuvan Chandra Khanduri
Chief Minister, Uttarakhand
Dehra Doon, Uttarakhand
Honorable Sir:
You are well aware of a fast un-to-death being undertaken by me since June 13, 2008 Ganga Dussehra, along with my expressed request to maintain natural flow and form of holiest of the holy Ma Bhagirathi Ganga river, while treating its 125 km long stretch from Gangotri to Dharasu as the mother of our culture and our forefathers' heritage. State Chief Secretary Shri Sujit Kumar Das informed me over the telephone that you would want to hold talks with me on this subject.
In today's morning newspapers, I read about a Cabinet Meeting held yesterday on June 16, 2008, in which there was a mention of your and Uttarakhand government's commitment towards protecting the natural form of Bhagirathi and the readiness of the state government to initiate all steps under its jurisdiction to ensure the same. But the effect was washed away immediately with a clause that laid down a condition of Centre's compensation in lieu of power and financial losses suffered. If your and Uttarakhand's faith, commitment and intentions are bound by truth and honesty, then:
1. All the gates of Maneri and Uttarkashi barrages should be opened and the Maneri Bhali-I and II power houses be shut down.
2. There should be an announcement of a policy/pledge of non-interference in the natural flow and form of the river Bhagirathi from Gangotri to Dharasu.
3. Administrative orders of shutdown of work on the Loharinag-Pala project should be handed over immediately to NTPC and Patel Engineering.
4. Pressure be applied for compensation in lieu of losses suffered and exercising the onus of responsibility of protecting the river Ganga, on the Centre. In doing so, you would not only get our support but also of every devotee and pure-hearted Indian citizen.
Please do not delay – it is an issue of Faith.

Gurudas Agrawal

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