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Press release 23 June, 2008

June 23, 2008 DehraDoon

I will fight for Maa Bhagirathi till my last breath: Dr. G.D. Agrawal

Dr. G.D. Agrawal, who is on a fast-unto-death in support of his demand for maintaining an unfettered flow of the river Bhagirathi (Ganga), shifted to Delhi on June 23, 2008. He is continuing his fast-unto-death at at Maharana Pratap Bhawan, Lawrence Road, (B-4 Block).
Dr. Agrawal reached Delhi as per the originally planned schedule. He has with him the official letter from the Uttarakhand government on its decision of suspending work on two major hydroelectric projects namely 480 MW Pala-Maneri and 381 MW Bhairon Ghati. Dr. Agrawal is now seeking for an immediate withdrawal of Loharinag Pala, on which work is being executed by NTPC, a government enterprise, and is also seeking a written assurance regarding the same.
In its June 23, 2008 issue, Garhwal Post, a Dehradun daily newspaper has reported that Dr. Agrawal has ended his fast. A few other newspapers have reported that Dr. Agrawal has had to face stiff opposition from the locals in Uttarkashi and that he has also had to shift his base to Delhi under duress. According to Shri Anil Gautam, who was with Dr. Agrawal at Uttarkashi since last fortnight, said that such statements appearing in a section of the media are figments of imagination, misleading, false and lack truth in content and character. Speaking on behalf of Bhagirathi Bachao Sankalp, Shri Gautam out-rightly rejected these contentions based on hearsay.
He said that even though a crowd of about 70-80 persons had gathered at Manikarnika Ghat at Uttarkashi, and had resorted to sloganeering against Dr. Agrawal, but these were the persons who had a direct stake in the execution of these projects. These included mostly contractors and employment hopefuls, but Dr. Agrawal has not been moved by these protests.
He said that it had been decided on June 16-17, 2008, that in the event of Uttarakhand government taking a decision to suspend work on its hydro schemes, then the base for fast-unto-death would be shifted to Delhi to pressurize the Centre into withdrawing the Loharinag Pala hydro-power project. He said that reports to this effect were also published by many newspapers. Especially, after Uttarakhand's Power Secretary Shri Shatrughan Singh handed an official letter from the Uttarakhand government to Dr. Agrawal, on its decision of suspending work on two major hydroelectric projects namely Pala-Maneri and Bhairon Ghati, that it was finally decided to shift the base from Uttarkashi on June 22, 2008 and continue the fast-unto-death at Delhi from June 23, 2008 onwards.
He said the only aberration has been in terms of a slight change in the original schedule whereby it was earlier planned to leave Uttarkashi on June 22, 2008 at 4pm after a public meeting in which delegates from around the country were to assemble at Uttarkashi. However, in view of the Uttarkashi district administration's refusal to grant permission, the programme was cancelled and since there was no point to stay back at the place, Dr. Agrawal along with his entourage left for Delhi at 8 in the morning, said Chetan Garg, who was in Uttarkashi. He said that confusion has prevailed mainly due to rumour-mongering by a group of people with vested interests.Meanwhile, Dr. Agrawal's fast-unto-death continued for the 11th day on Monday June 23, 2008. According to Shri Gautam, Dr. Agrawal's objective remains as clear as it was at the time when he sat on an indefinite fast: Ensure unfettered flow of the Bhagirathi or he will fast-unto death. He said that instant gains cannot be allowed to rule over the issues of faith and belief.

Jagat Guru Shankaracharya should initiate stringent measures to save the river Ganga

Under the aegi s of Ganga Sewa Abhiyan, sponsored by Jagadguru Shankaracharya, his disciple Swami Paripurnanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj and Shri Prem Dutt Nautiyal today commenced a fast-unto-death at Subhash Ghat, Har-ki-Pauri (Haridwar).
The principal objective of the fast-unto-death mentioned in its 7-point demand charter is to declare national heritage status for the river Ganga and free the river of its exploitation and pollution. In addition, the Abhiyan is also demanding that there should be no change in the land use pattern, ensuring an unfettered flow in the river Ganga, removal of all obstacles in the path of the river Ganga, cleaning all tributaries of the river Ganga and also maintain the tributaries' free flow.Contact Person: Dr. Vijay Verma – 9410561001 (M).


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