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Press Release - 24.01.2009

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Environmental Flows Needed in the Bhagirathi River Says Member, Planning Commission

New Delhi, January 24, 2009: Dr. G D Agrawal’s fast to maintain uninterrupted flow in river Bhagirathi continued into the 11th day today. People are coming to meet and express their support to Dr. Agrawal. Today’s visitors include Mr. Arvind Kejriwal (Magsaysay Award winner), M C Mehta, a Supreme Court lawyer and Magsaysay Awardee , Mr. Ashok Sharma, Advocate and ex state minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Dr. B. Sen Gupta, former Member-Secretary, Central Pollution Control Board.

According to informed sources, a Member of the Planning Commission toured the Bhagirathi Valley last year and submitted a report to the Prime Minister. He wrote that the operation of Maneri Bhali Stage II Power Project had diverted the Ganga river water into a tunnel and there was practically no water between Uttarkashi and Dharasu, a stretch of 29 kms. He recommended that environmental flows be maintained for ecological functions of the river. This confirms the observations made by Dr. G. D. Agrawal earlier and also some members of the HLEG after their visits to the Bhagirathi valley.

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